Essay – Grammar Check

I’m going to check essay for some silly grammar mistakes like singular and plural nouns or articles or maybe I’ve just missed something I’m definitely going to read it over because it’s so easy to make a little mistake in this test especially in this little in this task rather not little task it’s a big task my essay looks like this it’s 217 words it’s 4 paragraphs it’s completely logical it runs beautifully from sentence to sentence to sentence right from the beginning right to the end just take a moment if you want pause the video and read this to yourself and see how well it flows really what’s important here is that I’ve stayed on topic.

I’ve seen a lot of report I’ve seen an increasing number of report cards from PT recently where a candidate will get vocabulary. let’s just say 90 grammar 90 written discourse 90 so you would think that their writing score must be 90 or you know high and then they’ll get a writing score of say 64 how is this possible the only way that that is possible is if they wrote a beautiful essay completely off topic that is possible because your content score will decrease enormous li you’ll still get high vocab grammar and written discourse but your writing score will plummet now you have to stick on topic now the only the best way to do that is to use this structure because you’re all you’re doing is rewriting that question prompt over and over again and you’re saying the exact same thing but in different words you’re absolutely staying on topic.

So that’s what I’ve done here I’ve stayed on topic let’s have a look at the scoring part by part so first of all length is your essay between 200 and 300 words if it’s below 200 words you’d better quickly add another example or another reason to your paragraph to boost it up to 200 words college essay help nz because you will lose points if it’s below 200 or over 300 structure shows good development logical structure absolutely grammar well this is this is this is where you might need to do something if you’re struggling if you need feedback if you want feedback in your essays really the only way to improve check out this website go and make yourself a free account at e to language calm and think about signing up to one of our packages why because we give you feedback we give you feedback in your writing and speaking how do we give feedback two ways one we give written feedback so you submit your essay through the website form a teacher receives it looks at your essay fills out a report card and sends it back to you and tells you exactly what you’ve done wrong which is important it’s good to know what you’ve done right but it’s more important to know what you’ve done wrong the other form of feedback.