Presenting Your Goals And Aspirations

At the end of the day when you finish apply you know apply in right if don’t your application you’re now ready to hit submit you’ve got to step back and ask yourself you know what is the admissions boards going to think about me once they finish looking at all of the many materials I’ve submitted to resume the recommendation letters by GMAT score GRE score my interview write up all of those things what do you want them to think about when they have looked at all the data points right and admissions people when they evaluate candidates when they finish they grab your piece of paper actually there’s already a piece of paper of some sort in the folder and they have to write a review they have to kind of provide feedback you know to the person the next person is going to look at the application right.

And so what do you think the feedback is it’s what we call personal brand statement the PBS we call it attics partes and of course admissions people don’t call it a personal brand statement they don’t have any fancy term for it to just write a summary of who this person is but that is essentially what a personal brand statement is and that is like who you are what you’ve done and where you headed what are your goals and because we help a client figure this all out very beginning it’s a different approach okay but because we know what ultimately the decision-makers are trying to do they’re trying to do exactly what our clients have done on the front end so once you have a personal brand statement okay with clarity around who you are your values and your passions right what’s motivating you and then what you’ve done that your skill set you know where you’ve been and a clear sense of the best stories to showcase where you’ve been the experiences you’ve had the impact you’ve had then ultimately where are you headed you know your goals your aspirations right.

That’s what we’ve helped our clients do and that’s what admissions people ultimately are trying to figure out to figure out if this person is going to be a good fit so applicants who have a clear stance haven’t gone through the expert as personal brand system now before you even decide on who your recommender should be ideally you should have done you should have a good sense what your personal brand is because the people you may think would be the record I do recommenders may not necessarily be the idea recommenders okay you want to make sure that you know the fa top if you want to choose and write about that they reflect your personal brand so you’re kind of going back to the your branding to look at it as the blueprint that determines the direction you should take very very important okay and then finally I just want to highlight the way that you can get in touch.